Terraces Wooden of Exotic Wood - Baront

Distinguishing features
of our terraces

  • Wooden terraces are ideal for both home-birds, as well as those with very busy social life. The former are provided with moments of solitary recreation in the open air, while the latter may organize outdoor parties. A solid wooden terrace gives you the pleasure of walking barefoot on warm boards in the summer, and it can also survive many winters intact.
  • Our wooden terraces are made of the finest materials, tested for outdoor applications. They are characterized by high quality, durability, increased resistance to external factors and mechanical damage. The species of trees that we offer our Customers for terrace boards, include e.g.: bangkirai, massaranduba, lapacho, tatajuba or merbau.
  • Installation is performed on joists of exotic wood or pine wood. Connections use only screws that meet the safety requirements, so that the joint is reliable, and the terrace can serve for many years. We have experience in the installation of terraces made of exotic wood and pine wood on all subsurfaces – both concrete, stone paving, directly on the ground, on a bed of stone or concrete pillars. Terrace boards after assembly are impregnated with a special oil that protects the wood from weather and gives the surface a fresh look.