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Distinguishing features
of our stairs

  • Wooden stairs are a separate branch of applied arts. The flexibility of the raw material allows them to take even the most imaginative and sophisticated forms.Classic wooden stairs with intricate carving on the railing and balusters, can play a major role in decorating the room.On the other hand, modern and self-supporting stairs captivate with their reliability and technological advancement.

Functionality and aesthetics of BARONT indoor wooden stairs are due to exploring the needs and tastes of the Customer. Based on your suggestions and our extensive portfolio, we create a design and visualization of stairs. Then, after clarifying the details, we begin the manufacture of stairs and set the date of installation.




We can make any kind of wooden stairs. In our offer you will find:

  • classical stairs
  • modern stairs
  • self-supporting stairs
  • Our stairs are made from many species of exotic and European wood, and use a variety of finishing methods.Usually, however, we suggest making stairs from the same material as the floor, to give the interior cohesion and harmony.Among our customers, oaken stairs still enjoy unabated popularity, usually oiled, which makes them more durable and resistant to scratches.
  • Depending on the Investors’ preferences, we make wooden spiral stairs characterized by charm and elegance, or even carpeted stairs – with a modern and simple style.
  • Please, feel free to view our photo gallery, showing the stairs we have so far made of solid wood, and to contact us in order to present the terms of the offer.