Wooden inner doors on request from Solid Wood - Baront

Distinguishing features
of our interiors

  • In recent years, elements of interior design made of natural materials have been enjoying a recurring popularity. Conscious Customers are no longer satisfied with the quality of mass-products items made of plastic, metal or cheap wood. Handmade furniture and wooden interiors have a unique beauty and timelessness.That’s why we have expanded our offer with the design and manufacture of wooden interior elements: ceilings, furniture, radiator housings and other items, in accordance with the wishes of Customers.
  • We also manufacture doors of solid wood by customized design – from the same material, from which we make the floor and stairs, or other material.Deciding to buy wooden doors on request or other interior design elements, our Customers are guaranteed reliability, exceptional durability of raw materials and a unique style, which is achieved thanks to our employees’ experience and proficiency in the craft of carpentry.
  • All those interested in our offer, which includes wooden doors as well as exclusive floors and stairs, are welcome to our showrooms in Krakow and Michalowice, or can contact us by phone in order to present the terms of cooperation.