FAQ - Baront
Is the floorboard suitable for underfloor heating?
Yes, all of the floorboards are suitable for underfloor heating. Thanks to a special drilling system the floorboard heats up as fast as a stone tile or a stone.
Is the floorboard suitable for rooms with pools or bathrooms?
Yes, the floorboard is suitable for rooms with pools or bathrooms, but a special waterproof subfloor must be applied and teak wood must be used as the outer layer.
How do I take care for the Baront floorboard?
The floorboards are finished with wax oil OSMO or polyurethane clear gloss. In both cases the floor maintenance is very simple. You just need to add a drop of appropriate product to the water while cleaning the floor.
Is the Baront floorboard suitable for public service buildings?
Yes, the floorboard is suitable for public service buildings. We suggest that it should be finished with wax oil OSMO.
I would like to order a floorboard, staircase and doors. Is it possible that all of them are made of the same wood tint?
Yes. This is because our products are made of wood logs so you have the assurance that all of the ordered products will be made of the same wood tint.
Do you provide delivery of your products?
Yes, we provide delivery of our products.
Do you provide installation of your products outside the country?
Yes, we provide installation of our products throughout the world.
During which stage of construction works should your products be installed?
Wooden products such as staircase, floorings or doors should be installed when all wet works are finished and after first painting of walls. Once the flooring (staircase, doors) is installed, the last painting should be done.
How can I protect a wooden flooring against the last painting?
The flooring should be protected very tightly so no dust can reach it. We suggest to protect it with a thin cardboard and then put a corrugated cardboard on it and tightly cover it with paper tape.
What warranty do you offer?
All of our products come with 30-year warranty.